Rugby Australia hasn’t missed the bad-behaving fans at the SCG, with a couple of severe slapdowns for two highly publicised incidents.

The man who allegedly urinated from the roof of the SCG’s O’Reilly Stand during last Saturday’s Wallabies Test has been banned for life from Rugby Australia events as officials lashed a fan who called England coach Eddie Jones a “traitor”.

A patron was filmed in the act after climbing to the top of the stand during the second half of Saturday’s Test between Australia and England and was later arrested.

He was charged by NSW Police with behaving in an offensive manner in/near a public place and issued a two-year ban by the SCG.

On Monday, RA chief executive Andy Marinos went further and slammed the behaviour and slapped the lifetime ban.

“The deplorable actions of the alleged intruder that made his way to the roof of the grandstand were disgraceful and dangerous,” Marinos said in a statement.

“This individual has been issued with a life ban from Rugby Australia events – and we will continue to support the authorities in their handling of the matter.”

The sledge directed towards Jones, an Australian and former Wallabies coach, from a punter that was filmed and went viral on social medial also earnt Marinos’ ire.

“The offensive remarks made by spectators in the members’ areas towards England staff were unacceptable – and not representative of the values of rugby,” Marinos said.

“We have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behaviour, and we are working with Venues NSW on appropriate sanctions for these individuals.

“Rugby prides itself on values of respect and integrity – as seen in the players of both teams after the final whistle of a hard-fought series at the SCG on Saturday night.

“It is our expectation that spectators adhere to these values of respect and integrity when attending rugby matches and, we would hope, in society in general.

“Please, cheer for your team with all that you have. But please, always show respect for others.”

The Wallabies lost the Test, and the series, 2-1 to Jones and England.

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