The AFL’s draft night is nearly among us with clubs circling the nation’s best talent.

Taking place on November 28 and 29, recruiters have the tough job of distinguishing between the top players and which youngsters their sides need.

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However, what fans can’t wait for is who will be unveiled 2022 pick one.

GWS holds that selection after being involved in a mega trade that saw North Melbourne receive picks two and three in exchange.

It must be noted that sometimes the best player in the draft doesn’t necessarily go at the highest pick, depending on what each individual club needs.

For example, Collingwood managed to snare Nick Daicos at pick four in the 2021 draft despite being labelled the leading player of his year.

Jason Horne-Francis was subsequently taken at pick one by the Kangaroos as Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs) and Finn Callaghan (GWS) followed.

In 2022, Will Ashcroft (son of Marcus) has been touted from early on as the best youngster in his draft.

Dominating at NAB League level (Sandringham Dragons) and National Championships (Victoria Metro), it appears that Ashcroft is the likely selection.

However, due to Brisbane’s father-son nomination and subsequent agreement from the midfielder, the Lions are certain they’ll snare their man.

This is what makes it interesting.

The Giants can either bid on Ashcroft, making the Lions pay full dollar for the father-son or choose to select someone else.

Aaron Cadman has been linked to the club as a Jeremy Cameron replica. 

While Elijah Tsatas has put his best foot forward and is open to playing interstate football.

George Wardlaw and Harry Sheezel are also in the mix for the illustrious pick one.

And here’s why:

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Will Ashcroft

Sandringham Dragons/Victoria Metro

Will Ashcroft has been watched with a careful eye throughout 2022 and poses as the year’s greatest talent.

Ironically, Ashcroft’s peers thought the same way, voting him nine times out of 15 in a Q&A with Fox Sports.

The midfielder averaged 34.5 possessions a game in the NAB League and five tackles.

Ashcroft was also very impressive in his three VFL outings with Brisbane.

His talent alone has him a no-brainer choice for pick one but his link and certain landing at the Lions has opened up the spot.

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Aaron Cadman

Greater Western Victoria Rebels/Victoria Country

In comes Cadman to the conversation, who has been linked to the Giants for his huge upside as a mobile forward.

GWS have pick one in the 2022 AFL Draft and may force Brisbane to use maximum draft points to secure Ashcroft or select the versatile tall.

The Giants traded out their picks two and three for the prestigious selection in hope they get first dibs on the talent pool, despite the father-son’s who have been nominated by certain clubs.

Cadman has emerged as a the best key-position prospect, kicking 34 goals in the NAB League.

Harry Sheezel

Sandringham Dragons/Victoria Metro

Sheezel is another exciting prospect and would have crossed many clubs as a suitor for their side.

One of the smartest players in the upcoming draft, the crafty forward has proven how valuable he is in the front half.

Sheezel’s innate instincts inside 50 have seen him find the goals, or set them up for teammates.

Has very clean disposal and could suit the Giants as they try regroup under new coach Adam Kingsley.

George Wardlaw

Oakleigh Chargers/Victoria Metro

Wardlaw is up there with Ashcroft as the most talented player in this year’s crop, however has been stunted by injuries.

The bullocking midfielder only managed to play three games for Oakleigh Chargers and did not feature in any Victoria Metro matches.

However, that hasn’t stopped his rise to a potential pick one selection.

Likened to Jason Horne-Francis, Wardlaw has proven his ability in the big games and doesn’t shy away from any contest.

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Elijah Tsatas

Oakleigh Chargers/Victoria Metro

One of the best two-way midfielders in the draft, Tsatas has a natural ability to win the ball in tight and burst from stoppage.

Standing at 186cm and possessing elite speed and a good leap, coupled with his natural football ability.

He did miss three months with a foot fracture but came straight back into the Chargers team and dominated instantly.

Although not performing too well at the National Draft Combine, Tsatas was impressive in interviews and also embraced the idea of playing interstate.

Indicative Draft Order 

Round 1  
1 Greater Western Sydney (received from North Melbourne)
2 North Melbourne (received from GWS)
3 North Melbourne (received from GWS)
5 Gold Coast (received from Adelaide)
6 Hawthorn
7 Geelong (Received from Gold Coast)
8 West Coast (received from Port Adelaide)
9 St Kilda
10  Carlton
11 Western Bulldogs
12 West Coast (received from GWS)
13  Melbourne (received from Fremantle)
14  Sydney (tied to Melbourne)
15 Greater Western Sydney (received from Brisbane)
16 Collingwood
17  Sydney
18 Greater Western Sydney (received from Geelong)
Round 2  
19 Greater Western Sydney (received from Richmond)
20 West Coast
21 Western Bulldogs (received from Brisbane)
22 Essendon
23 North Melbourne (received from Adelaide)
24 Hawthorn
25 Collingwood (received from Geelong)
26 West Coast (tied to Port Adelaide
27 Collingwood (received from Melbourne)
28 St Kilda
29 Carlton
30 Fremantle (received from Western Bulldogs)
31 Greater Western Sydney (received from Richmond)
32 St Kilda (tied to Fremantle)
33 Port Adelaide (received from Melbourne)
34 Brisbane
35 Brisbane (Daniel McStay compensation)
36 Brisbane (received from Gold Coast)
37 Melbourne (received from Essendon)
38 Brisbane (received from Geelong)
Round 3  
39 Western Bulldogs (tied to North Melbourne)
40 North Melbourne (received from West Coast)
41  Hawthorn (received from Collingwood)
42  Sydney (received from Essendon)
43 North Melbourne (received from Port Adelaide
44 Fremantle (received from Melbourne)
45  Gold Coast
46  Adelaide (received from Gold Coast)
47 St Kilda
48 Hawthorn (received from Brisbane)
49 Carlton (Liam Jones compensation)
50 Hawthorn (received from Collingwood)
51 Collingwood (tied to Richmond)
52 Hawthorn (tied to Fremantle)
53 Richmond (received from GWS)
54 Essendon (received from Melbourne)
55 Brisbane (received from Geelong)
56 Adelaide (received from Brisbane)
57 Greater Western Sydney (received from Port Adelaide)
58 Geelong
Round 4  
59 Adelaide (received from North Melbourne)
60 Port Adelaide (tied to West Coast)
61 Greater Western Sydney
62 Essendon
63 Richmond (received from GWS)
64 Geelong (tied to Hawthorn)
65 Hawthorn (tied to Gold Coast)
66 Carlton (tied to Port Adelaide)
67 Fremantle (received from Melbourne)
68 Essendon (received from Carlton
69 Western Bulldogs
70 North Melbourne (tied to Richmond)
71 Gold Coast (tied to Fremantle)
72 Essendon (received from Melbourne)
73 Brisbane
74 Gold Coast (tied to Collingwood)
75 Sydney
76 Fremantle (tied to Geelong)

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Every club’s 2022 picks

Club Picks
Adelaide 46, 56, 59
Brisbane 34, 35, 36, 38, 55, 73
Carlton 10, 29, 49, 66
Collingwood 16, 25, 27,51
Essendon 4, 22, 54, 62, 68, 72
Fremantle 30, 44, 67, 76
Geelong 7, 58, 64
Gold Coast 5, 45, 71, 74
GWS 1, 15, 18, 19, 31, 57, 61
Hawthorn 6, 24, 41, 48, 50, 52, 65
Melbourne 13, 37
North Melbourne 2, 3, 23, 40, 43, 70
Port Adelaide 33, 60
Richmond 53, 63
St Kilda 9, 28, 32, 47
Sydney 14, 17, 42, 75
West Coast 8, 12, 20, 26
Western Bulldogs 11, 21, 39, 69

History of pick ones (2000 onwards)

Year Club Name
2021 North Melbourne Jason Horne-Francis
2020 Western Bulldogs Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
2019 Gold Coast Matt Rowell
2018 Carlton Sam Walsh
2017 Brisbane Cam Rayner
2016 Essendon Andrew McGrath
2015 Carlton Jacob Weitering
2014 St Kilda Paddy McCartin
2013 GWS Tom Boyd
2012 GWS Lachie Whitfield
2011 GWS Jonathon Patton
2010 Gold Coast David Swallow
2009 Melbourne Tom Scully
2008 Melbourne Jack Watts
2007 Carlton Matthew Kreuzer
2006 Carlton Bryce Gibbs
2005 Carlton Marc Murphy
2004 Richmond Brett Deledio
2003 Western Bulldogs Adam Cooney
2002 St Kilda Brendon Goddard
2001 Hawthorn Luke Hodge
2000 St Kilda Nick Riewoldt

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