The Sporting News 2022 Rolling All-Australian Team

FB Adam Saad (CAR) Steven May (MEL) James Sicily (HAW)
HB Angus Brayshaw (MEL) Paddy McCartin (SYD) Jack Sinclair (STK)
C Hugh McCluggage (BRIS) Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) Josh Daicois (COL)
HF Shai Bolton (RICH) Jeremy Cameron (GEE) Charlie Curnow (CAR)
FF Charlie Cameron (BRIS) Tom Hawkins (GEE) Tyson Stengle (GEE)
R Max Gawn (MEL) Clayton Oliver (MEL) Lachie Neale (BRIS)
INT Mark Blicavs (GEE) Callum Mills (SYD) Patrick Cripps (C) (CAR)
  Toby Greene (GWS)    

Angus Brayshaw, older brother of Andrew, makes his way into the side after multiple good weeks of football, including last week against Fremantle.

Generally deployed across the half back, Melbourne’s Brayshaw was chucked into the midfield on occasion to give the Demons a different look and proved to be effective in the switch.

Having recently signed a six-year deal, Brayshaw now has all the weight off his shoulders and is truly focused on his game, which has showed in recent times.

Replacing hard-running Blue Sam Walsh, Josh Daicos comes into the side as one of the few genuine wingers in the AFL.

Working in tandem with veteran Steele Sidebottom, Daicos has total autonomy on the outside of the ground, providing release options and outlets for teammates as they drive the ball outside the defensive half.

The 23-year-old has kicked 11 goals this year and is more often than not involved in the Collingwood scoring chain, making him a valuable asset along the wing.

Next in line: Peter Wright, Rory Laird, Tim English, Connoz Rozee, Noah Anderson, Jordan Dawson, Sam Taylor, Sam Docherty, NIck Daicos, Hayden Young, Josh Daicos

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