Aussie basketball fans have lost their collective minds at a rising star’s insanely athletic dunk that is one of the best you’ll ever see.

Australian basketball fans have been left absolutely gobsmacked by an insane dunk in the second tier NBL1 competition on Saturday night.

The incredible slam dunk came in the third quarter of the clash between the Darwin Salties and the Red City Roar.

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After retrieving a rebound, Darwin’s Makuach Maluach went coast to coast, dribbling only five times before launching himself over the top of a defender and slamming home a one-handed dunk.

Maluach leapt high off the ground and got some serious hang time and caught the body of the helpless defender who fell to the court as a result of the incredible poster dunk.

The commentator was stunned by the dunk and simply exclaimed: “Oh. My. God.”

A video of the athletic feat went viral on social media and basketball fans lost their minds at the dunk, which would have made NBA star Ja Morant proud.

Basketball commentator Liam Santamaria tweeted: “What the holy f&@k was that?!”

Adelaide 36ers player Mitch McCarron commented: “My goodness.”

Basketball player agent Daniel Moldovan said: “Ladies & Gentlemen … Allow me to introduce you to my client Makuach Maluach.”

Basketball journalist Roy Ward said: “Darwin — where people get eaten by crocs and Makuach Maluach just straight snatches souls with his dunks!”

Sports writer Nick D’Urbano added: “I don’t know what’s better: the dunk or the commentary?”

Malauch finished with a game-high 23 points, as well as four rebounds and a steal as Darwin secured a 87-81 victory.

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