Jordan De Goey has made an on-camera appearance in a home-interview following the Bali incident and subsequent leave from the game.

Showing remorse and apologising for his behaviour, Collingwood released a video of the star midfielder identifying his actions as unacceptable and admitting there’s plenty of work to be done.

De Goey opened up about his struggles and dealings with ADHD, saying he wanted to hold off on talking until the dust settled.

“This week has obviously weighed pretty heavily on me and I thought I’d just wait until I’ve got a clear mind to come out and apologise for my actions and my behaviours. I don’t condone that behaviour at all and I’ve got a lot of work moving forward,” De Goey said.

When asked about his role in the community and the behaviours toward women, the 26-year-old acknowledged that he’s going to be looked up to and that women deserve to be treated right.

“Firstly, I do want to come out and say I definitely am sorry for that. I’ve got a lot of important women in my life and I understand you need to show respect to women at all times.

“I’ve got a responsibility to the wider community and I need to keep working towards that.”

De Goey also alluded to the struggles he has off the field, being diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity-disorder (ADHD) and learning to deal with the effects of the disorder.

“Obviously you’ve probably seen with the ADHD stuff which came out, first of all I just want to say that’s not an excuse for my behaviour at all.

“I just wanted to let people know I was dealing with some stuff on the side throughout the first half of this year and also now. It’s something I’m learning a lot about.

“I’m not a perfect person, I don’t think I ever will be, but hopefully I can make some changes so these mistakes don’t happen again. Just on that, I would like to apologise once again.”

Coach Craig McRae had been in touch with his star player, saying all he wants to do is show him love and support so he can get back to doing what he does best.

“In Jordy’s case, I can’t help but think right now I want to get him back,” McRae said on SEN’s The Run Home.

“I do, I want to get my arms around him. I spoke to him yesterday, he’s not in a place to step back into the footy club right now. He’s got to step through a few things first and get in a space where he can do that, but it’s a safe space for him in our footy club and I want him to feel loved and supported.”

 Collingwood face GWS on Sunday without De Goey, but have announced the debut of youngster Isaac Chugg as a replacement.

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