Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest person, has stepped out in an outfit estimated to cost close to $1 million.

Attending the CEO Magazine 2022 Executive Of The Year Awards in Sydney on Wednesday, alongside her company Hancock Prospecting’s chief executive Garry Korte, Ms Rinehart wore an elaborate and expensive pearl and sapphire necklace, and $1600 bejewelled Dolce & Gabbana thongs.

The rare oversized pearls are said to be from Paspaley, which uses Australian South Sea pearls that are meticulously graded.

No two pearls are the same and creating a strand requires extreme precision and expertise.

One necklace made by the company, which is called the Kuri Strand, took 14 years to create – 10 years to harvest 58 identical sized 17mm pearls and four years to string them. It was completed in 2012 and priced at more than $1 million.

Another famous strand, The Vivienne, once worn on loan by Australian actress Asher Keddie, is worth well over $1 million.

Mrs Rinehart recently made headlines for withdrawing her $15 million sponsorship of Netball Australia – which has now been picked up by the Victorian Government.

The saga began after it emerged that Diamonds players were concerned about wearing a team uniform that included sponsorship branding from Hancock Prospecting.

It is understood Indigenous player Donnell Wallam did not feel comfortable wearing a uniform with the logo as a result of shocking comments made by Ms Rinehart’s late father Lang Hancock in the 1980s, when he infamously suggested that Indigenous Australians should be sterilised to “breed themselves out” in coming years.

Hancock Prospecting issued a blistering statement slamming “virtue signalling” by sports teams after sensationally tearing up the $15 million deal.

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