The Tasmania JackJumpers are doing a decent job of proving that making last season’s grand final series was no fluke.

After losing their first three games of this season, they have welcomed almost all of their roster back from injury.

They have endured the toughest travel schedule they will face this season and have come out with a 5-4 record.

Since October 1, they have played only three home games, travelling to New Zealand twice, Melbourne twice, Adelaide and Perth.

They will turn around quickly from their eight-point win in the West, at RAC Arena on Thursday night, to host the Brisbane Bullets on Saturday.

Coach Scott Ross seems pretty content with his team’s efforts, but not so much with the seating arrangements on the Qantas flights he’s having to endure.

“The most difficult part of our travel is over,” he said.

“All the games are difficult; the travel is what we have gotten away.

“The next two months, we don‘t have so much bouncing around.

“The last five weeks, our travel has been quite unique. I am happy that part is over with.

“I found out with Qantas, when you sit at the airport with the letter E with your seat name next to it, you‘re doomed. It means you’re in the middle of an aisle and you fly four hours and I’m 6.9 and fat and that’s not a good deal for me.

“So, I am happy these longer trips are over with.

“And I’m trying to avoid the letter E as mush as possible.”

The JackJumpers recovered from 14 points down against the Bullets in round 2 to win by four points.

It’s the largest halftime deficit a side has come back from to win so far this season.

And it was a turning point for the JackJumpers.

If the game had continued as it was going at the main break and Tasmania lost, it would have dropped to a 4-0 start to the season.

Instead, it dropped 59 points after halftime to win in overtime and start a four-game winning streak.

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