YouTuber turned Boxer Jake Paul got a less than friendly visit from the Secret Service after doing something cheeky at the White House.

YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul has shared details of his intimidating run-in with Secret Service after a bold video stunt landed him in their bad books.

Paul was in 2017 invited by then US president Barack Obama to an event at the White House with a group of fellow popular content creators.

In a bid to get more views that his peers, Paul decided he would film himself overstaying his welcome at the famous residence.

“I was just like, hey, all these influencers are going here. There’s 30 of them. They’re all gonna be making a vlog. And I thought to myself, how could I make my vlog better than theirs? I’m gonna sleep in the White House,” he told comedian Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant this week.

In line with a popular YouTube trend at the time which involved influencers trying to stay overnight at venues including Target and Walmart, Paul decided to try the stunt at the White House.

“I snuck away into a bathroom and just stood in there until like 4 or 5am,” he told Schulz.

“And nobody noticed nothing?” the host asked.

“Not a peep … I walk out the front door and posted the video. And that’s when they found out,” Paul said.

About six hours after uploading his video to YouTube, where it was watched more than 13 million times, the Secret Service showed up at his front door.

“They showed up at my front door … Like the actual Secret Service showed up,” Paul said.

“They just tried to intimidate me and be like, ‘Take the video down or else. And this, this is a terrible representation. And we’re disgraced that you did this and you’re never gonna be able to come back to the White House and you need to take the video down right now.’

“I was like, ‘I had permission to be there. I had permission to film. I’m sorry. I’m not taking the video down.’”

He claimed his dad Greg also stepped in to back him up.

“Greg Paul was there and he goes ‘You should be thanking him. He found the flaw in your f***ing system,’” Paul said.

The video, titled WHITE HOUSE 24 HR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE *NOT CLICKBAIT*, is still live on Paul’s channel and has more than 66,000 comments.

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