Aussie swimming champion Kyle Chalmers has taken to Instagram to fire a shot at media outlets over swirling rumours.

Aussie swimming champion Kyle Chalmers has taken to Instagram to fire a shot at Australian media outlets over recent reports.

The Olympic gold medallist on Friday moved to tell his fans how he really feels after a turbulent 48 hours following his performance in the men’s 100m butterfly at the Australian Swimming Championships.

Chalmers’ posts on Friday evening appear to be a swipe at suggestions he is caught up in a “love triangle” with Aussie Olympic icon Emma McKeon and pop star-turned swimmer Cody Simpson.

The 23-year-old earlier on Friday called the rumours “pathetic” in a radio interview.

He went a step further on social media when he re-posted a message he had received calling Australian media “buttheads”.

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Simpson on Thursday confirmed he has backflipped on a previous decision to skip the world championships in Budapest next month. After finishing as the second-fastest qualifier in the men’s 100m butterfly behind Aussie champion Matt Temple, Chalmers’ U-turn means Simpson will miss out on a spot in the team as the third-quickest qualifier.

Simpson has still qualified for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, beginning July 28.

Chalmers on Friday described the speculation surrounding his position in the event and his personal relationships with McKeon and Simpson as a “nightmare”.

“I’ve sacrificed my body and given everything too (sic) my sport and country for the past decade,” Chalmers wrote.

“If I knew this was going too (sic) be the reaction and the respect I get, I would’ve never entered the race.

“What was supposed too (sic) be an enjoyable new stimulus has turned into a unnecessary nightmare!

“I hope the media get the clicks they want, never forget athletes are humans like everyone else.”

He also re-posted a message he had received which included a swipe at the Aussie press.

“Australian media are a complete bunch of buttheads,” the message said.

Speaking to 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Friday morning, Chalmers had a firm response when asked by Erin Molan if his decision had anything to do with Simpson dating McKeon.

Chalmers previously dated McKeon and their relationship was first reported in September.

“It’s hugely pathetic. It’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard to be honest with you,” Chalmers said.

“I started out a butterflyer. I’ve wanted to be a butterflyer my whole career, my body just hasn’t allowed me to.

“For me being able to just swim butterfly is so special and something I’m so proud of … to be able to go back to the event I grew up loving and doing is all the motivation I need.

“Unfortunately I’m the one who has to stand up and apologise and be made out to be the villain when all I’ve done is given everything to my sport and given everything to my country over this last eight-year period I’ve been in the Australian swimming team.”

Asked on Thursday night if Simpson had crossed his mind while making the decision to possibly swim the 100m butterfly in Budapest, Chalmers bluntly replied: “No.”

“There’s six other guys in the race as well that are disappointed, right? For me, swimming is a cutthroat sport,” he continued.

“You’ve got to finish in the top two to get the individual spot, and unfortunately I — well, not unfortunately, it’s my dream. It’s my dream to be a butterflier, I started out as a butterflier and I’ve always hoped to do butterfly.

“My body hasn’t allowed me as much to this point, so that’s nice, my body’s finally going OK. Like I said I want to swim it (the 100m butterfly) in Paris, so I’ve got to start practising and getting myself ready to do that.

“So for me, it’s not come into my mind at all. It comes into my mind like David Morgan for example, he’s been on the team for such a long period of time. Does it destroy his dream? It’s not something you take into account in an individual sport, unfortunately.”

Speaking to reporters after the race, Chalmers explained that he would make a final decision in the next couple of days after consulting his coach.

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