Richmond coach Damien Hardwick believes games shouldn’t end on a draw, following Friday night’s match at Marvel Stadium against Fremantle.

Hardwick felt that the draw doesn’t do the game justice and offered a radical change that would result in one team coming away with the four points.

Post-game, the former Port Adelaide player suggested the match should continue to be played until a team registers a score, once the siren has sounded.

“I think, to me, keep going until the next team scores,” Hardwick said on Friday night.

“Both sides have these ridiculous signs that we hold up with 30 seconds and ten seconds, and maybe it‘s just the next score.

“Look at today’s game. That would have been interesting to see that (next score wins) but who knows.”

In the first draw of 2022, the Tigers and Dockers could not be split under the roof at Docklands, with both sides kicking seven goals and 10 behinds as the final siren rang.

As the score suggests, the game was played in close quarters, with the biggest margin to Fremantle being 11 points early in the first quarter. 

In a see-sawing affair, Richmond looked like causing an upset, especially when youngster Noah Cumberland marked the ball 50 metres out with seconds remaining.

Unknowingly, Cumberland wheeled onto his left to roost the football toward goal, but was beaten by the siren.

The draw has sparked debate and whether or not it still has a place in our game.

Former GWS coach Leon Cameron also believes the AFL should review the draw at season’s end, offering a similar view to Hardwick.

“To get a result is always better, I think (the AFL) needs to look at it at the end of the year,” he told SEN on Saturday morning.

“It is such a silly, unbelievable feeling looking at each other thinking ‘what are we going to do’.”

However Fremantle coach Justin Longmuir saw no reason to offer his views on a potential change, but instead was willing to play to the rules presented.

“Let the people in higher up places determine the rules and we will just play to them I suppose,” Longmuir said.

Following the first draw of the season, both sides now wait nervously with plenty of opportunity for the teams around them on the ladder.

Richmond currently sit eight, but could fall out if either St Kilda or Western Bulldogs were to win.

Fremantle’s top four spot is now in jeopardy, with Collingwood and Brisbane expected to register their 13th victory of the year and jump above them with four rounds remaining.

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