Former champ Amanda Nunes has reclaimed her bantamweight championship in an utterly absurd rematch with Julianna Pena, claiming a unanimous decision victory (50-45, 50-44, 50-43).

Nunes dominated Pena in the opening two rounds and looked to have secured stoppages in the second round by securing three knockdowns, but Pena refused to back down.

Pena fought back in the later rounds and almost had an arm bar locked in on Nunes, but she wasn’t able to hold on as Nunes escaped and continued to assert her dominance.

Nunes changed her tactics in the championship rounds as she repeatedly drove Pena into the canvas. Pena was left a bloody mess as the final bell rang out with Nunes dancing in the dying seconds.

“Honestly, Joe, when the Lioness don’t get the prey for the first time, I set the trap better and I knew I’d get the prey this time,” Nunes said.

Round by Round breakdown.

Nunes sat back and waited for Pena to pounce before unleashing a short counter right hook. The shot landed multiple times in the opening round, but it was in the second when it came to the party. 10-9 after 1.

Nunes rocked Pena with a right hook that sent her crashing to the canvas, Nunes allowed Pena to get back to her feet only to drop her again moments later. In the final minute of the second round Pena hit the canvas once again, this time from a left hand. 20-17 after 2.

The third round became more of a scrap as the fighters hit the canvas with Nunes splitting Pena open with nasty elbows. Pena refused to back down, but it was once again Nunes who was the superior fighter in the round. 30-26 after 3.

Nunes burst across the cage and took Pena to the canvas, with the former champ continuing her dominance. Pena however showed her guile and had an arm bar locked in, only for Nunes to escape. 40-35 after 4.

Nunes again took Pena to the canvas and poured on the damage and looked to have her opponent dead to rights with a face crank, but Pena true to her warrior spirit escaped but it was to little too late. 50-44 after 5.

“What an absolute war,” Jon Anik said during the fifth and final round.

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