North Melbourne’s president Dr Sonja Hood has released yet another mid-season letter to the Kangaroo members, expressing her understanding and empathy for the disappointing on-field performances so far this year.

After a distressing 57-point loss to Adelaide at Blundstone Arena – their 12th consecutive defeat – the pressure continues to build on coach David Noble and the players, as the club may look to make drastic changes.

Following the recent appointment of Geoff Walsh in an advisory role to fix the troubles at Arden Street, Hood is entrusting the former director of football at Collingwood and his 30 years of experience to right the ship for the Kangaroos.

Hood’s message to the members is one of optimism and hope, with plenty of change afoot for North Melbourne.

“When I wrote to members after round eight, I expressed frustration with our football performance to that point,” Hood wrote in Monday night’s letter, which was posted on the club’s website.

“That frustration, shared across our club, has grown as the season has progressed.

“By round 15, with no discernible improvement, patience among our supporters and members is, understandably, wearing thin. 

“We always knew this year would be hard, but the extent of our losses is deeply concerning.

“The support and understanding from our members and supporters has been nothing short of outstanding. To those who have contacted the club, one of our players, or me personally, or anyone who has spoken up for us on social media or to your friends or turned up to games or bought a membership – thank-you.

“The strength of this club is in its people – in all of us. And we will sort this out. As we always do. Together.”

Since Noble took over as head coach at the start of 2021, the Kangaroos have won five games but lost 28, with an average losing margin of 51 points.

And as history tells us, the re-build coach rarely makes it through, with David Teague (Carlton), Brendan Bolton (Carlton), Justin Leppitsch (Brisbane), Matthew Knights (Essendon) and Mark Neeld (Melbourne) being some examples.

North Melbourne’s on-field troubles have been compounded by rising speculation of number one draft pick Jason Horne-Francis’ desire to return to his home state of South Australia, with the young star yet to extend his contract despite the Kangaroos wanting to keep him.

Horne-Francis has shown his frustration multiple times, including on-field verbal disagreements with veteran Todd Goldstein and taking the opportunity to return to South Australia for Mother’s Day without the knowledge of the club as well as striking GWS midfielder Josh Kelly.

And to make matters worse, the SA product had liked a social media post that indicated an unlikely mock trade that saw the 19-year-old traded to Port Adelaide.

Fellow youngster Tarryn Thomas has also caused speculation about his playing future at Arden Street, with the 22-year-old suffering from a form slump in 2022.

Thomas – who is grieving from a family member passing – has struggled so far this year, creating buzz that he may not be at the Kangaroos beyond this season.

The former pick eight had three disposals in the thumping to the Crows and commentators questioned his love for the game.

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