A one-punch attack victim has been slapped with a hefty bill 15 months after he had to be rushed to hospital.

Danny Hodgson has revealed debt collectors served him with a $1006 bill on Wednesday for an ambulance trip on September 5, 2021.

That was the night he was struck from behind in a coward’s punch attack at Perth train station as the 27 year old was heading home with teammates after celebrating the recent soccer season.

Mr Hodgson took his frustrations to Facebook, posting a picture of the bill he received.

“15 months later, two seizures and two ambulance bills later (paid), disabled with permanent brain damage, 0 independence full time care needed,” he wrote in the post on Wednesday evening, “unable to work and unable to receive ANY disability or money while i try my best to recover.

“Where do they think im pulling the money from?”

His mother Nicola, who moved to Perth to help support her son but has since returned to the UK, was equally unimpressed when sharing her son’s post to her own timeline.

“As if my boy isn’t going through enough!!” she said, “the attacker should be paying this but no he gets 3 square meals a day, a roof over his head. Where is the justice for my boy?”

Mr Hodgson’s attacker was just 17 years old when he struck him without warning in 2021 before pleading guilty and being sentenced to three years and eight months in prison.

Ms Hodgson closed out her post by urging Western Australia’s Attorney-General John Quigley to intervene.

The debt collection notice was issued by Baycorp, a national agency based in Perth.

“Our skill is in finding a way through the problem, sorting it out and helping people get closure,” claims a statement on Baycorp’s website.

“In short, as difficult as things might seem, we get things done.”

St John Ambulance is investigating the bill.

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