Following his Wimbledon campaign, Nick Kyrgios’ mother has explained why she’ll never watch her son from the player’s box ever again.

Nick Kyrgios’ mother Nill left television personality Karl Stefanovic in stitches after revealing why watching her son compete on the tennis court is “not a good experience”.

The 27-year-old was defeated by Serbian superstar Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon men’s singles final, with the former world No. 1 claiming a 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 victory.

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Kyrgios dominated headlines for his trademark antics and tantrums, repeatedly yelling at friends and family in the player’s box and accusing a spectator in the front row of consuming “700 drinks”.

However, Kyrgios’ mother didn’t watch a single point of the tournament finale, confessing she was too nervous and instead went to bed.

“I actually didn’t watch the game,” she told Today on Tuesday morning. “I haven’t watched any of his games.

“I had a very good sleep … I actually watched him go on court. I love that, you know, watching him walking through Wimbledon, just that atmosphere. I love watching him walk on to the court and just see the reaction of the spectators.

“I watched it until I think when they started warming up and I said, ‘Good luck’ and I went to bed.”

But Stefanovic and co-host Allison Langdon cracked up with laughter when Nill explained why she hated watching her son from the player’s box.

“You don’t want to be in his box,” she warned. “You really don’t, because you really don’t know when to stand and when to clap and when to shout.

“We have been there, and it is not a good experience.”

Kyrgios’ brother Christos, who is regularly spotted supporting his brother from the stands, confessed watching his sibling can be an “uncomfortable” experience.

“He wouldn’t be our Nick if he wasn’t fiery during the match, and that’s how he plays, that’s how he gets himself up,” he explained.

“He tries to increase his intensity and whatever else and that’s how he does it, and that’s what we know from him. The fight was there the whole match, the match was incredible.

“You need a pressure valve, right?

“And the pressure valve for him is, ‘Look, these people love me, I’m not saying anything to offend or to abuse them, but I just need to release some of that pressure, deflect a bit of that pressure so I can get back down to focusing on what I’m doing’.

“We have said to him many times, ‘If you need to, if that help you in that moment, if it helps you deal with the adversity and the pressure, throw some our way. We’re not going anywhere. We are here for you, if it makes it easier for you’.”

Nill, who watched a replay of Kyrgios’ Wimbledon final performance the following morning, remains adamant her son could become a grand slam singles champion in the future.

“I did watch the replay and there were opportunities there,” she said.

“It was a big occasion for him. He doesn’t do things in steps, not a gradual process. It is just one minute you are playing first round, the next minute you are in the finals of the biggest slam in the world.

“I think the next time he is there he might use that as experience and maybe he will be a bit better.”

Kyrgios may have missed out on a maiden grand slam singles title, but that hasn’t stopped the Australian from celebrating his remarkable Wimbledon campaign in London.

The Canberran, accompanied by girlfriend Costeen Hatzi and sister Halimah, was filmed celebrating at a swanky South Kensington club a few hours after his Wimbledon defeat.

In videos uploaded to Instagram on Monday morning, models dressed in tennis-themed outfits held up sparklers and delivered bottles of expensive champagne to the high-profile patrons.

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