A randy couple appeared to have sex by the side of a racetrack after being caught on a driver’s dashcam.

The race in the South of France was really hotting up when the adventurous pair were caught out, The Sun reports.

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They were caught in the headlights of veteran Greek driver Jourdan Serderidis as he powered down the road at the Monte Carlo Rally.

His headlights beamed down on the romping lovers, who were not alone as there were several other spectators near them.

The outrageous scenes were caught on Serderidis’s dashcam, and shown on the live stream feed on the World Rally Championships website.

And fans on Twitter could not believe what they were seeing as the two got caught in the act.

One said: “Yes, this happened in the middle of the Monte Carlo Rally live.”

Another said: “That’s one way to increase WRC viewership.”

One added: “WRC and sex on a dark road? Why not!”

Another joked: “Flat out!”

The Rally Monte Carlo is a race held in the mountains behind Monaco, over four days and nights.

Amazingly, it is not the first time a couple have been caught having sex during a sporting event.

In August, a man and woman were seen romping in a half-empty baseball stadium.

Oakland Athletics were playing Seattle Mariners, but the couple fooling around in the corner of the stadium stole the headlines.

And lightening struck twice in the same month when two fans were kicked out of a baseball stadium for having sex.

The Toronto Blue Jays were taking on the Chicago Cubs when a pair of fans took it upon themselves to mess around.

They were escorted out of the ground but no police arrests were made.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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